Plamen Bonev

Born 1954 year in Sofia-city. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts – Sofia, major “Scenography”. Member of UBA, section “painting”. He works in the fields of painting, scenography, sculpture etc. He has participated in over 100 regional, national and international exhibits, workshops, campaigns and others with his painting, scenography, drawings, plastic arts etc. He has designed the costumes, puppets and scenery, of the puppet and drama theater, for over 35 performances at home and abroad. Since 1991 he is a teacher of art at the Summer Academy of Luxembourg. He is a winner of 10 awards for painting and 3 for scenography art. His works are exhibited at the National Art Gallery, Sofia–city Art Gallery, many galleries in the country, Pushkin museum in Moscow, the galleries in Olsztyn and Reszel – Poland, the town-hall of Dudelange – Luxembourg, as well as well as owned by private collectors in the country and abroad – Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Greece, Argentina, Uruguay, Hungary, Luxembourg, Finland, Poland, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic etc.